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Starters and Seafood Starters



Greek Meze

€12 (V)

Greek Meze, hummus, aubergine salad and Tzatziki, all homemade and served with warm pitta triangles sprinkled with sweet paprika.

Courgette flowers with cheese


Courgette flowers filled with soft cheese and proscuitto, lightly fried and served with a fragrant yoghurt dressing

Fava and Caramelised onions

€7 (V)

Feta salad

€8 (V)

Caprese Salad

€12 (V)
Caprese, cherry tomatoes, mozarella, grilled red peppers and basil pesto dressing.

Prosciutto and fresh honey melon


Mastello Cheese

€10 (V)
Mastello cheese grilled and served with fig marmalade

Mushroom medley

€10 (V) (Vegan)
Mushroom medley sautéed with truffle oil
Seafood Starters

Seafood Starters

Smoked Salmon


Smoked Salmon with citrus, mozzerella and fresh avocado

Smoked mackerel


Smoked mackerel with green apple, onion and herbs

White Bait


Deep fried white bait with gremolata

Fried Calamari


Fried calamari with tatrtare sauce


Lindian prawns with ouzo and garlic


Steamed Mussels with fennel and fresh herbs


Octopus served with fava and fried capers


Scallops, grilled and served with Gremolata

Grilled Calamari

Grilled Calamari with feta and lemon based sauce
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